Our Story

La Dominaz is not just a brand, it is an appreciation of art- the art of Pakistani clothing. Like me, I am sure that millions of beautiful girls out there, have a passion for this art. One of the reasons for creating this website is to join this extraordinary band of sisters, and share the amazing interest we all have together.

Choosing the brand name was one of the hardest parts of our beginning, but at the end, we did it right! 

So, what is the origin of La Dominaz, and how does it connect us?

For women, in old English law, a Domina was the title given to noble women who held barony in their own right. They had a vast amount of land and pastures that they were managing single-handedly showing the world the true meaning of Girl Power......Yes!

We fell in love with this name right away and chose it to represent us, and by us we mean, YOU and ME - the La Dominaz army. Our objective was simple, to provide the best quality, and most importantly SERVICES at reasonable prices. Thus, we always keep this in our mind whilst working with any designer or supplier because for us, YOU come first. 

La Dominaz and everyone connected to this brand is close to my heart, and it was initiated with the birth of my beautiful daughter 'Aayat' so I always believed that this was going to work. The response and the support I have received from you guys has been phenomenal. YOU have managed to push it from a crawl and now it is slowly standing on its own feet. I am working hard to bring out the best for us - YOU and me. Soon you will see exciting new collections and pages on this little home for us all!

With love, sincerity, prayers and blessing for you all!

Stay Positive and spread love. Remember, hardships are temporary, Love is eternal!

Humble, La Domina!